The Generational Deliverance line include products created to empower the Body of Christ to address bondages that perpetuate through  the family blood line. This line is introduced with the release of the book  Breaking the back of Generational Curses: Journey to wholeness  bundle which is  available for purchase along with the companion work book of the same name.  Situations that have long plagued you and your family line will be broken, creating deliverance in areas previously never thought possible.  

Individuals using this strategy for personal growth will experience deeper levels of consecration, and greater intimacy with God. Those using this strategy to address family bondages, with continued use  will see a reduction of the demonic activity experienced by family members.  

This book/workbook will take the reader on a journey that will uncover the purpose, plan and destiny that God has pre-ordained for themselves, their family, and their generations to come. 

Breaking The Back of Generational Curses: A Journey to Wholeness Bundle

The first book in the Generational Deliverance Series introduces the concept of curses,  family bloodline, intercession, and repentance. It explains the origin of the prayer technique called "Generational Deliverance," and provides examples of how it can be used as a prayer strategy to break curses that perpetuate through the family bloodline. As you embark upon the journey locked wiithin these pages you will discover:

The Breaking the Back of Generational Curses: Journey to  Wholeness workbook is a  62 page companion study guide that is  perfect for bible study and group gatherings It includes:

Generational Deliverance Prayer Accessories 

Generatinal Deliverance prayer accesories are  intercessory tools formulated to assist the Generational Prayer Warrior to strategically organize and document the outcomes  expereinced in prayer. These accessories include The Generational Delivernance 30 day Prayer Planner, Dream Journal, and Prayer Diary. See descriptions below

The Generational Deliverance Prayer  planner will assist you in strategically organizing your prayer  time so that you no longer have to deal with feeling  overwhelmed from an inability to maintain focus as you address multiple assignments during your times in prayer.  Each day is divided into  categories  that will enable you to successfully organize and mazimize your prayer session. The sections include:

The Generational Deliverance Prayer Diary is an  intercessory tool that is perfect for the prayer warrior who wants to be able to effectively memorialize their prayer results so they can be reproduced. Generational bondages are layered and the believer must  war against many different  demonic spirits before  gaining acess to the demonic root. This tool allows the prayer warrior to organize their warfare experience removing the frustration caused by information overload experienced when warring  against multiple demonic spirits. The prayer diary includes: